Fractional rejuvenation

The fractional laser resurfacing procedure is an effective non-surgical way to tighten the skin of the face.

Why is the laser so popular? Bottom line: This is the fastest and most effective way to rejuvenate and tighten your skin without surgery. Thanks to its work in the deep layers of the dermis, the device starts the renewal process from the inside. The laser beam produces nanoperforations in the skin, creating microscopic lesions that cause cells to initiate a natural repair process. The collagen produced strengthens the structure of the skin, tightens the tissues and improves skin tone.

The most powerful renewal, rejuvenation and tightening effect is visible immediately after the first procedure! In addition, even a month after visiting a beautician, skin cells continue to renew at an incredible rate, so that the maximum result appears after a few weeks. Most tasks are solved in one or two procedures, but according to the testimony of a cosmetologist, fractional rejuvenation can be carried out in one course.

Fractional techniques are actively used as a means of recovery after plastic surgery. Thanks to the laser, edema and bruises disappear many times faster, the general rehabilitation period is shortened and recovery is easier and painless.

Unlike conventional laser resurfacing, fractional technology allows a high-quality and delicate treatment of delicate skin areas: eyelids, décolleté, neck, hands.

Photothermolysis gives excellent results as a stand-alone procedure, but it also combines well with other cosmetic methods: mesotherapy, biorevitalization, contour plastics, radio wave lifting, and microcurrents. The experience of many years of specialists and the latest equipment guarantee the best result.

Problems solved by fractional laser:

  • Aging. The device safely rejuvenates aging and lost skin, stimulates collagen production and initiates natural regeneration processes.
  • Wrinkles The laser removes destroyed cells, literally erasing superficial and deep wrinkles, crow's feet around the eyes, neck, décolleté and hands.
  • Post-acne. The laser beam fights bacteria and at the same time smoothes the surface of the skin. As a result of the first procedure, post-acne marks and scars become less noticeable and, after a few weeks, the manifestations of the disease itself are reduced, thanks to the powerful stimulation of skin regeneration.
  • Pigmentation. Age and sun spots on the hands, face and neck can be easily and quickly lightened or completely removed.
  • Enlarged pores. With the help of a laser, you can get rid of enlarged pores in problem areas (forehead, nose, chin) forever.
  • Vascular asterisks. Redness and rosacea are many problems, but they are treated in a single session of laser therapy.
  • ScarsFractional rejuvenation unifies the skin and renews cells, so that even the oldest scars and scars become invisible or disappear completely.

New youth and beauty technologies

The face is the first thing people pay attention to. And people take care of their beauty and youth with special concern. A young, fresh face with toned skin, without age spots, acne, scars and blemishes, everyone dreams of this. To solve these problems, a large number of hardware techniques and non-hardware procedures are now used. Which are effective?

Some of the most effective techniques include: fractional laser resurfacing, photorejuvenation facial, and plasma lifting. To enhance the effect and result, it is advisable to use combined or combined techniques. For example: fraxel + autoplasma or fraxel + phototherapy.

Fraxel + photorejuvenation =?

Fractional laser resurfacing (fractional thermolysis)- this is the newest and incomparable method of radical rejuvenation and restoration of the skin's structure. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of a pronounced cosmetic effect with a powerful healing effect. Only 1-3 sessionsfractional laser resurfacingallow you to "look younger" at 10-15 years: smooth fine wrinkles and significantly reduce deep wrinkles, smooth the contour of the face, restore shine, tenderness and elasticity of "tired" skin. What's more,fractional thermolysisirreplaceable when it comes to treating scars and scars, removing stretch marks, acne marks, age spots and other skin blemishes, after several sessionslaser resurfacingpatients forget about them forever.

The essence of the technique: the skin is treated with a multitude of microbeams with a diameter no larger than a human hair. The laser beam acts on the skin in a fragmentary way, evaporating the upper and middle layers of the old keratinized epidermal cells in microscopic areas. At the same time, the active cell regeneration mechanism is activated in virgin neighboring areas. it should be noted thatfractional laser resurfacing- a very delicate and non-traumatic procedure. Due to the fact that the skin does not undergo full processing, and the depth and power of the laser beams in its individual areas are strictly regulated by a computer program, this method is ideal for rejuvenating the thin and sensitive skin around of the eyes. The photorejuvenation procedure is a non-surgical lifting (skin tightening) and elimination of skin imperfections, thanks to the action of intense pulsed light.

Fractional thermolysis of facial skin.

The technique of the procedure consists of combining two types of energy: electrical and optical. Its combination during the rejuvenation procedure triggers the production of new collagen and also affects the upper and deep layers of the skin without damaging it. Photorejuvenation will help people who have already started the aging process of the skin, pigmentation and solar hyperkeratosis have begun to appear, as well as spider veins and acne. More pronounced and long-term results are achieved by combining these two advanced techniques in one procedure, significantly increasing the effectiveness of each one separately.

Fraxel + plasma lift =?

The effectiveness of this technique in complex action: fractional laser is used in conjunction with plasma therapy. The essence of the technique: immediately after exposure to the laser, a natural preparation made from the patient's own blood plasma is injected into the skin, enriched with vitamins, microelements, peptides. The fractional effect of laser and plasma therapy intensifies the action of each other, which makes it possible to achieve a rejuvenating effect significantly greater by 25% and to shorten the rehabilitation period after laser to 3 days. The number of procedures required depends on the condition of the patient's skin and the tasks to be solved. As a general rule, 1 to 3 procedures are performed, with an interval of 4 to 6 weeks.

These combined techniques trigger natural renewal processes in the skin, turning back the biological clock. Due to the fact that the synthesis of collagen fibers continues duringseveral months (6-8)After treatment, your skin not only looks, it becomes much younger every day.